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Twin Rivers Penitentiary

BACKGROUND: By the light of day, Twin Rivers Penitentiary appears as deserted as it has been for the past 7 decades. Built in 1924, it housed a tremendous amount of inmates until it was discovered that an overwhelming majority of them were in fact insane. This led to the construction of Twin Rivers Asylum next door in 1927 which assisted in expanding the capacity of the prison, and began attempting new and untested treatments on the patients, attempting recovery. The more than the prisoners and patients were suppressed, the more angry they grew, and when the facilitates were eventually shut down, the spirits of all those casualties remained in the abandoned buildings.

Now, when the sun lowers and the night grows black, the demons come out to play. Should you be foolish enough to enter the gates, you'll witness pure horror as the risen inmates, prisoners, and medical staff annihilate anything living in the Asylum and dispose of the flesh of their victims. APPEARANCE: Twin Rivers Asylum (scarezone)

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