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Disembodied Walkers

MONSTER TYPE: Zombie, Infested Walker

MOST OFTEN SEEN: The Last of Serenity, Seance: Undead Unleashed WEAPONS/DANGERS: You may not have to worry about death with these guys - It's much worse than that. Just one bite, and you'll be infected. Zombies in Serenity have been known to devour the brain, although sometimes they just devour all of you. Beware their grip, then their bite.

BACKGROUND: Once the town of Serenity was a peaceful place to live. Now it has been thrown into an apocalyptic turmoil after a zombie outbreak as the active deviants, dirtbags, and revolting towns people who are still among the alive are sending a message: Get out or they'll take you out. They don't care who's living or a walker, they're scared for their lives and you should not get in their way. As for the undead, they are only growing in number and they're out for brains. More specifically- yours.

VICTIM PHOTOS AVAILABLE: Inquire with character, in scarezones

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