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Marrow Locker Inhabitant



WEAPONS/DANGERS: Flashes in and out of physical form, wields weapons of its earthly living form - often piracy based

BACKGROUND: Marrow Locker Inhabitant has been consigned into a cursed realm of the ocean floor named Davy Jones's Locker, to forever mourn and wail of the torment of the sea, the dangers of the deep, and the consequences of joining the untimely crew below the surface. Their warnings often are overlooked by sailors above, though the Locker itself is feared far and wide.

The crew members, turned into soulless demons trapped at the bottom of the sea, are anxious to gather more souls to aid in their constant suffering. They can be seen perched among the rigging of ships during a massive storm or hurricane, waiting to lay claim to yet another ship and it's crew that stray close to a rocky shallow, or lose their sense of direction.

The soulless ghost-demons' ghostly green glow of sickly sea life can be seen as they grow near to ships and crews on their way to the deep, and as they grow nearer to those who stray too close like you.Welding the weapons of their often piracy-based former lives, they pose a grave threat to you. Marrow Locker Inhabitant and the others are keen on making you a resident of The Locker forever.

VICTIM PHOTOS AVAILABLE: Inquire with character, in scarezones

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