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MONSTER TYPE: Plant Life, Demon

MOST OFTEN SEEN: Carved: Seeds of Terror WEAPONS/DANGERS: Creatures of the Carved forest use a remarkably wide variety of sharp instruments from saws and scissors, to various shaped pointy knives and even chainsaws. They often have razor sharp claws of their own in addition, but prefer the poetic image of carving you with the same tools you pull out each Hallows season. Beware anything they can use to carve you.

BACKGROUND: This psycho scarecrow has come to life to teach you the true way to carve something right.

"So the story is told again and all who hear take warning: Be wary what you carve at night or you may be carved by morning." This rhyme with long-forgotten origins remains today as a cautionary tale of the torment that can come by taunting what grows in the Forest nearby. The carved have risen in the forest and are out to seek revenge.

VICTIM PHOTOS AVAILABLE: Inquire with character, in scarezones

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