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Prisoner Finley

MONSTER TYPE: Escaped prisoner, Serial Killer, Ghost

MOST OFTEN SEEN: Twin Rivers Asylum, Twin Rivers Penitentiary WEAPONS/DANGERS: Besides ripping with their own misguided fingers, an assortment of tools, medical equipment, and harnesses have been discovered by the twisted who reside within.

BACKGROUND: By the light of day, Twin Rivers Asylum appears as deserted as it has been for the past 7 decades. When the sun lowers and the night grows black, the demons come out to play. Should you be foolish enough to enter the gates, you'll witness pure horror as the inmates, prisoners, and medical staff annihilate anything living in the Asylum and dispose of the flesh of their victims.

VICTIM PHOTOS AVAILABLE: Inquire with character, in scarezones

#scareactors #creatures #monsters

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