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Stilt Walker Entertainment

Stilt Walker Entertainment

Need something even more "larger than life"?


Rent the services of a professional stiltwalker in a unique and detailed flowing cloaked costume. A timeless classic, our featured character is a Grim Reaper. Our reaper will roam silently and pose for photos with guests, as well as subtly scare.  The uses for a character like this are limitless and are sure to thrill!


Character details:

This reaper stands approximately 8 feet tall (to accomodate indoor travels). May be adjusted to a taller figure, but we find that 8 feet is perfect for guest photos and just the right amound of intimidating without being too far away, while still having the ability to duck under doorways, archways, etc.


Figure is able to walk on most surfaces indoor and outdoor. Exceptions include unsafe, uneven, or cracked flooring, wet flooring, stone or brick paving with spaces greater than 1 inch between each stone/brick, and loose material (gravel, etc). We'll walk wherever you want with common sense!


Character may be accompanied by a handler. Rented by the hour including regular downtime as necessary. Touching or pushing of a character on stilts is unsafe and will not be allowed.


Our goal is to excite your guests and bring thrills and smiles to everyone! We will do everyting in our power to ensure this happens and create the best memories for all.

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