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Revolution - Prop + Lighting + Masks Pack

Revolution - Prop + Lighting + Masks Pack

Rent for an event


Red and other colored lighting

Red siren alert lights

Faux loose tires, stacked (x2)

Full sized stop sign, freestanding

Full sized street name signs, freestanding

Full sized one way / dead end sign, freestanding

Standing metal trash can with bullet holes, fire effects inside

Knocked over metal trash can with visible flames inside

Electric street "walking man"/"stop hand" sign with choice of illumination

Chain link fencing cage for scareactor inside [7.5' height] (with reach-through hole)

Chain link fence 2.5' wall [7.5'height] (x2)

Chain link fence 2 sided cage [7.5' height] (x2)

Orange and white traffic barricades (x2)

Orange traffic cones, full size (x2)

Lengths of barbed wire

Detached limbs, misc.

Aim-able machine guns with triggered strobe light and audio (x2)

Red siren alert lights

Truck facade with working headlights, and amber track lights (engine rumbles and horn blasts full volume when motion is detected)

Dead body prop

Hanging body with bag over head


Tallest prop measurement: 7.5ft height

Cannot be combined with Zombies scarezone as scenery overlaps.

Rentals over $499 receive complimentary delivery.

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