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Ghost Pirate - Prop + Lighting Pack

Ghost Pirate - Prop + Lighting Pack

Rent for an event


UV black lighting and green-blue water ripple effect lighting
(x3) 12' Tall stand with tattered sails, tattered pirate flag, and fishing net with glowing creatures - (includes black area lighting and blue-green water effects
2' realistic octopus
Large 7.5' tall tattered cage with chained skeleton inside (hidden green water light inside, skeleton rotates slowly on electric motor)
Freestanding tattered skeleton with eyepatch
Freestanding skeleton captain with undead parrot and sword
Skeletal latex undead monkey
Full sized trunk with lid pushed open, filled to the brim with gold coins and treasure
Barrels (2-3)
5' large seaweed strands

Various swords (multiple)

Additional groupings of seaweed


Tallest prop measurement: 12ft height (optionally reduced to 8ft)

Listen to this scarezone - thrill your senses, preview the sounds

Rentals over $499 receive complimentary delivery.

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