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Evil Clowns - Prop + Lighting Pack

Evil Clowns - Prop + Lighting Pack

Rent for an event


UV Black Lighting

Human-sized Jack-in-the-box (operated by actor inside)

6x "freakshow" antique banners 8' tall

9' tall carnival tent - (walkthrough for guests when fully extended, or 8' tall version for display only) 5'x5'x9'

Large horizontal cage, 5'x3'x3'
Dirty red and white vertical stripe canvas with support tripods 10'x7.5'
Flashing clown heads
Red and white flags on string
Themed multi-colored neon wall art
48" black light tubes
Eerie white-faced clown with 'shh' finger (twists at waist, stands tall, laughs when triggered)
Cut-face clown wielding knife and balloon (head twists, arm moves, produces circus noise and groaning)
Clown with orange hair and moving mouth (laughs and produces circus noises)
Towering slender clown with moving mouth and twisting torso (laughs and speaks to guests)
Oversized top hat with monster bunny (flashes with white light as monster rises from the hat and growls very loudly)
Giant freestanding clown with red hair and 1.5' tall face (falls forward quickly toward guests before stopping short, controlled by actor)
Neon green oversized hammer
Circus saw blade with sprial
Circus painted chainsaw (with triggered cackling noise)
Oversized pairs of scissors, gory (x2)


Tallest prop measurement: 7.5ft height

Rentals over $499 receive complimentary delivery.

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