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Carved - Prop + Lighting Pack

Carved - Prop + Lighting Pack

Rent for an event


Blue and orange flickering lighting suspended above crowd
(4x) Full sized trees up to 12' tall with flickering jack-o-lanterns hanging in the branches
(6x) 4' tall large wooden boxes with jagged top edges, filled with faux grass and trees
Loose pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns
8' tall pumpkin "cornstalker" creature with motion and sound
4.5' tall scarecrow with motion (mouth and head movements) and sound
4' tall scarecrow with Jack-o-lantern head, ideal for putting on top of wood boxes for extra height
Sitting animated pumpkin with large head and moving mouth (eyes glow, rocks back and forth, and talks to guests)
Wooden reaper scythe
Wooden bat with metal saw blade strapped to it


Tallest prop measurement: 12.5ft height (optionally reduced to 8ft)

Listen to this scarezone - thrill your senses, preview the sounds

Rentals over $499 receive complimentary delivery.

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