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Asylum - Prop + Lighting Pack

Asylum - Prop + Lighting Pack

Rent for an event


Red and white area lighting

Flickering 3-bulb chandelier

Undead butcher with soaking bloody apron (side-to-side motion and raised butcher knife arm)

Man tied to chair (attempts to escape with erratic movements and audio)

High voltage power box with sparking wires

Flickering light bulbs

Full sized 'endless guts' table illusion with realistic body and bloody tablecloth (stomach is open and a strand of intestine appears to be pulled endlessly from inside the corpse)

Multiple dirty blue hospital divider curtains splattered with realistic looking blood (comes with 7' tall freestanding tripod stands)

Realistic looking against-the-wall incinerator with flickering coals inside

Pile of many severed hands (attached)

Chainsaw with moving blade

Flesh prop on rusty hook/chain

Assorted rusty chains / hooks

Hanging realistic half corpse (with or without motion)


Tallest prop measurement: 7ft height

Rentals over $499 receive complimentary delivery.

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