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You are locked in a room and you have 13 minutes to find a way out. It's a test of nerve and a thrilling adventure where puzzles and secret codes are the answer. Do you have what it takes? Choose your adventure and let's find out!

Tomb of the Pharaoh

You and your team of experts are in a tomb that hasn't been unsealed for exploration in decades - the last team of explorers disappeared with no trace in 1940, and it's up to you to follow their steps and find your way out.

Castle Alucard

You awaken in a castle chamber... it doesn't take you long to realize you're in the heart of a vampire's lair! With your neck and your life at stake, you have only so much time until your host returns for supper.

A Hotel Room in Paris

A spy under siege knows he has been compromised and has taken evasive and final action. It is up to you to comb the hotel room and get the necessary intel he left behind before the enemy breaks in to destroy all evidence they can... including you if you're still in the room!

Temple Turmoil

An outbreak of a horrible jungle virus is spreading, and only the locals have developed an herbal antivirus. Kept high up in the temple, they are unwilling to share it with outsiders. Taking measures into your own hands, you go into the jungle temple. After entering, huge rocks tumble down blocking your exit. Your only hope is to find the cure, and hope it leads to a way out.

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